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Who's the Boss ft Betakit


Meet Douglas Soltys, and the team at Betakit, the nation's only independent publication dedicated to reporting on Canadian startups; they also happen to be featured in this week’s episode of Who’s The Boss, a LinkedIN original series that puts your dynamic, smart and relatable staff in the spotlight, for the world to appreciate and admire.

Laura Gabor (Director of Operations) and Meagan Simpson (Associate Editor) are in the hot seat this week, as they try and decode how Douglas' love for Canadian rock impacts BetaKit's bottom line 🤣 Judging by the team's deep knowledge of one another's quirks and idiosyncrasies, and their willingness to put respect for each other above all else, it is fair to say they are the very definition of teamwork making the dreamwork. ✨

More money flowed into the Canadian technology ecosystem in the past year than in all of its history, and Douglas and the BetaKit team are your first and best source to get all that tech tea  ☕️