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Who's The Boss ft Willful


Meet Erin Bury and her team at Willful who are building the next big thing in estate planning tech; they also happen to be featured on this week’s episode of Who’s The Boss, a LinkedIN original series that puts your dynamic, smart and relatable staff in the spotlight, for the world to appreciate and admire.

Kevin Oulds and Sunta Sem are in the hot seat today, as we discover how well they know, or don’t know, Erin. To raise the stakes just a touch, it’s worth mentioning that Kevin is Erin’s husband, and Sunta is her best friend…so if they get too many questions wrong..well..let’s just say we wouldn’t want to be at this year’s holiday gift exchange.

Scaling a startup is hard work, but as we learn this week on Who’s the Boss, choosing to eat an apple as a snack instead of cherry blasters is harder!