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(shorts) How To Make Your Talent Feel Comfortable On Camera ✨


Video game gif. Kirby is super scared and his whole body trembles. Sweat pours down from his forehead.

If you make corporate videos, this might sound familiar to you: A C-suite exec who often presents to large crowds on stage is put in front of a camera, they completely freeze up like a deer in the headlights. 🚘🦌 . Being in front of a camera can really be nerve-wrecking and you may find your talent stumbling to get a sentence out.

To create the best video interview, your storyteller must be comfortable and confident on camera; we are here with some tips and tricks to make that happen:

📆 Schedule enough time:

Nothing adds more pressure than a tight deadline. When building out your filming schedule, include a buffer in case your talent is running late or needs extra time to warm up.

🚦Control the environment:

Ensure that your filming location is pleasant, well-lit, and free from distractions. There’s nothing worse than having your talent interrupted by foot traffic in the middle of their best take.

💬 Connect with your subject:

Don’t just sit down right away and start rolling. Ease your talent into the shoot by asking general questions about their personal interests, to increase their confidence and comfort.

📺 Provide instructions and reassurance:

Communicate your expectations regarding content, tone, and duration. Provide words of encouragement and reassure them that any mistakes can be corrected in post-production (unless you’re in the business of live broadcasting 🤪).

💄 Invest in a hair and makeup artist:

It’s (probably not every day that your talent sits in front of a 4K camera to be recorded. Aesthetics notwithstanding, a hair and makeup artist reassures your talent that they’re looking and feeling their best.

These 5 tips provide some insight into the secret formula we have to get our talent feeling on their A-game once the red light starts blinking. Ultimately, the job of any director is to make your video talent feel on their A game, this helps deliver authentic performances that turn into compelling content. 🍿 Learn more in our latest video below.