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SHORTS: Corporate Video Production 101


Let’s take a second to reminisce over the days when marketing ads were fighting to be plastered all over newspapers, billboards and flyers. For some of us, those days might not have even existed, but that is not the case for those at Corbin Visual, we certainly remember them. Lucky for us, marketing has moved beyond traditional channels, and has become dominated by video content, previously delivered through cable TV commercials and virtual ads, but now primarily through social media. For almost 20 years, the demand for video production services has been growing, and growing… and now, exponentially growing. The need, and frankly the requirement, to produce digital video content at scale, has become overwhelmingly important. Traditionally, video has been leveraged as a format to build B2C relationships, but in the last few years that has changed, and video production has become predominantly important for B2B relationships. This is also known as corporate video production. But what really is video production and why does every corporation or business need it?

What follows is a Corbin Visual “Corporate Video Production 101” class.

What is Corporate Video Production?

While corporate video production does usually include lights, camera and a whole lot of action, there is so much more to it. Corporate video production is usually video production for non-advertisement purposes. It is created for and commissioned by small businesses, companies, large organizations and corporations. The video content is almost always used to raise brand awareness, for training, instructional, and now recruitment purposes.

The corporate video production process has 3 main steps, which are:

  1. Pre-Production: Corbin Visual discusses the goals of your project, the format of the video and what strategies we will employ to create a successful outcome. This can include things like a script, storyboards, distribution plans and creative consultation.
  2. Production: This is the fun part, which usually includes the lights, the cameras, and the action. Corbin Visual works extremely hard on the day to not only capture the right images, but to also make our talent feel comfortable on camera. Delivering dialogue and/or talking points with confidence is the single biggest contributing factor to videos that connect, engage and inspire.
  3. Post-Production: In the final stage of the process, we bring all the pieces of the puzzle together, to craft a compelling narrative in support of your video’s key communication objectives. Editing milestones and checkpoints are carefully crafted and scheduled to ensure the process and final product not only meets, but exceeds our client’s expectations.

Why is it important in 2021?

Given the overload of video content on our feeds, we certainly don’t need to hear much on why video is important in 2021, however it would be great to elaborate on recent change in human behaviour. Today, the consumer audience is no longer made up of auditory learners. While most consumers are geared towards visual learning, it is said that no two learners will process the information in an identical manner. Recent statistics point to the fact that consumers will remember 10% of what can be heard and 20% of what they see, but will astonishingly remember 50% of something they both hear and see. So, if you want to see the highest return on engagement, then it should be done through video content.

If we said that the credibility of your company in 2021 and beyond now largely depends on how you communicate through video content, would you believe us? The reality is that corporate video content now more than ever, increases corporate credibility. Video content is the single most effective way to attract and engage your target audience, it creates trust and is often leveraged as a sale and lead generation tool. Yet, to our surprise, there are still many corporate environments today, that fail to leverage the benefits of video production.

How can I use video to leverage my business or corporate environment?

Corporate video production can be used to further your business initiatives in many different ways. A list of examples can include the following:

  • Company profile videos
  • Announcement videos
  • Investor Presentation videos
  • Crowdfunding videos
  • Explainer animation videos
  • How-to instructional videos
  • Training videos
  • Team leader interview videos
  • Corporate lifestyle videos
  • HR and recruitment videos
  • ...and much more!

In today’s fast paced (doom scrolling) environment, it is more crucial than ever that your video content is of the highest quality, it is even more important to hire a company that has the qualifications and skillset to understand your business vision, direct and produce high-quality corporate videos accordingly.