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Make Your Inventory More Profitable

ReturnBear offers a full suite of mail-in and drop-off return services for ecommerce brands in Canada and the US that help make your inventory more profitable 🧸

Simple Returns Management - Immediate exchanges and refunds with easy drop-offs. No re-packing or label printing unless the customer wants it.

Complete Processing & Inspection - End-to-end white glove service that will unpack, QA, and prepare your returned goods ready to be re-sold so you can put inventory back on your shelves, fast.

Canadian Micro-Forward Fulfillment - Ship ready-to-sell orders from your return inventory to the next customer faster and cost-effectively via our drop-off network and processing hubs 📦


  • Head of Marketing - Rob Domagala
  • Strategy Consultant - Rashel Hariri
  • Production Coordinator - Megan Yam
  • Illustrator/Animator - Jennie Davis
  • Online Editing - Evan Cappe
  • Producer / Director - Jon Corbin


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