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Today, all types of allergies affect over 30% of adults and 40% of kids in the US. According to a study in 2012, pollen levels are expected to double by 2040. Pollen-producing male trees – they’re all around us. Many parks and backyards are surrounded by pollen-laden male-only trees based on the recommendation of a 1949 USDA report that they should be planted instead of female trees, which give off no pollen. but more female trees can make a better outside for all.


  • DP - Stefy Delmedico
  • Associate Producer - Megan Yam
  • Cam Op - Steve Acheson
  • AC - Matt King
  • Grip / Swing - Max Beard
  • Drone Op - Paul Charbonnet
  • Sound Tech - Derek Illes
  • Offline - Jacqueline Leon
  • Online - Evan Cappe
  • Colour - Nice Shoes
  • Sound Design - Chris Reineck, Aaron McCourt
  • Director / Producer - Jon Corbin
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