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Data Dysphoria

Reimagine performance reporting with continuous insights, real-time planning, and collaboration capabilities at your fingertips. Provide a single source of truth to decision makers about the most important business metrics in real time. SAP Digital Boardroom tells the story behind data while transforming board meetings into immersive and customized experiences.


  • Written & Executive Produced by: Intercept Group
  • Director: Jeff Hanley
  • Production Coordinator: Noelle Forder
  • DP: Ken Woo
  • AD: Sarah McLeod
  • Art Director: Electa Porado
  • Set Decorator: Sage Drake
  • Sound: Jeff Reyes
  • HMU: Flawless By Design
  • Grips: Robin Hunter, Brendan Downey
  • Photography: Jenn Jevons
  • Post Production Supervisor: Evan Cappe
  • PA: Devin Williamson
  • Casting: Jigsaw Casting Ltd.
  • Producer: Jon Corbin
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