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Can't Pass it On

Research has been building for years, and several large studies have now confirmed it. HIV treatment can suppress the virus to the point that it can’t be transmitted through sex. Learn more about this exciting development in HIV research and help spread the word.


  • DP: Ken Woo
  • Line Producer: Josh Usheroff
  • AD: Ruxandra Rusu
  • AC: Dario Nouri
  • Grip / Swing: James Marshall
  • HMU: Vanessa Baudner, Samantha Reynolds, Caroline Mégelas
  • Sound: Sean Feldstein, Stephen Mullin
  • Wardrobe: Jessa Bisset, Christina Vincelli
  • Post Production Supervisor: Evan Cappe
  • Photographer: Mike Ford
  • Photography Assistant: Tanvi Madkaiker
  • Production Coordinator: Meghan Gabruch
  • PA: Devin Williamson, Meaghan Silva, Brian Lanigan, Max Bellmar, Ryan Faulconbridge
  • Casting: Real People Casting
  • Studio: Astrolab Studios, Studio Chateu
  • Director / Producer: Jon Corbin
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