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Nothing compares to the unique relationship a cat owner shares with their cat. There is a reason that cat videos are a defining touchstone of not only BuzzFeed content, but internet culture at large: They are rare opportunities to witness pure and unapologetic individuality, something we as humans are constantly striving for. Unlike us, cats are untethered to society’s expectations and mores. And so over time, as pet owners, our cats become our personal heroes.


  • Executive Producer: Buzzfeed Films
  • Writer & Director: Sam Corbin
  • DP: Ken Woo
  • AD: Andrew Ferguson
  • Grips: Innis Pappagiannis, Michael Jowett
  • Sound: Sean Feldstein
  • HMU: Samantha Reynolds
  • Animal Wrangler: Toronto Animal Wranglers
  • PA: Devin Williamson
  • DIT: Evan Cappe
  • Casting: Jigsaw Casting Ltd.
  • Producer: Jon Corbin
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