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Hot Takes: How High Achievers Reach New Heights


So you're a high achiever 🚀

You set goals. You take risks. You hit every finish line in stride. 🏃 Now that you've completed your climb, and overcome that huge, seemingly insurmountable obstacle, you realize you are not at the peak, but at another plateau with other like minded individuals who have also put in their 10,001 hours.

So now what?

Enter Sheba Zaidi & Genvive Savundranayagam, co-founders of , a contemporary lifestyle brand committed to creating meaningful products and experiences that offer people a stepping-stone into a world of mindful practices and personal transformation.In this episode of Hot Takes, Sheba & Genevieve dish on how high achievers can level up, using mindfulness practices. These days, success requires so much more than simply adding value, it's also about treating your body and mind right, with the TLC it needs to thrive.

Hot Takes gamifies industry expertise, in a fun and interactive listicle format, delivering key insights around trending topics. 🎮