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The Iranian Legend – The Iron Sheik

The Sheik .

Our journey with the Iron Sheik dates back 2+ years as a skeleton production team, a tiny budget and the most prolific wrestling heel of all time continue production on the official story of the Khozrow Vaziri AKA the Iron’s Sheik’s storied life and career.  We have had some pretty incredible experiences along side the Sheik from red carpets to ghetto, his story is shaping up to change the documentary game forever.  Everywhere we go, people are in awe of the wrestling legend, yet Sheik is always gracious and knows how to make everyone feel comfortable around him.  A truly special soul with an incredible story to tell. As you’ll see from our production stills below, there is never a dull moment with Sheiky Baby around.  With an infectious smile that could light up any room, this guy’s positive energy is nothing short of contagious. Stay with us as our journey continue onwards through the life of this living legend and onto the silver screen.  
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